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Porod je krásný

Courses of complete antenatal preparation with techniques of Hynpnobirthing and Prenatal yoga led in ENGLISH.

when: 1 DAY COURSE (10 hours session)
where: Prague

price per couple: 4 700,-Kč
price per individual: 3 900,-Kč
minimum participants: 4 couples

Dates are to be set. Usually it takes on Saturday or Sunday.

Timing is specified when there are participants signed.

In case of higher number of participants the course will be divided in 2 day sessions.

This one-day course is intended for both couples and individuals.
HYPNOBIRTHING and GRAVIDYOGA techniques will help YOU to achieve
CALMER and more CONFIDENT birth experience.

You will discover all the RELAXATION tools and techniques for a PLEASANT birth.
BIRTH PARTNERS will get maximum info to support you.

You will find out how tune your MIND, BABY and BODY to work in HARMONY during the labour.
You will FIND OUT how it all works in the Czech Republic, so you will be able to do INFORMED DECISIONS.


Ideal for expactant MUMS at any stage of pregnancy (couples). Perfect for ALL TYPES OF BIRTH

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